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Sarah Smiles Creations

My name is Sarah Lorraine Edwards.

I decided to call my art Sarah Smiles Creations because it truly make me smile.  They bring a deep joy and happiness to my life I have come to be so thankful for.

I currently live in Spokane, Washington with my three wonderful children.   While my present habitat is the city, I grew up on a large piece of acreage in Eastern Oregon where I had the freedom to explore the woods and fields of the natural landscape around my home.

I have always loved to create.  This passion lead me to seek an art degree from Gonzaga University.  Over the years I have played with many different mediums:  drawing, painting, printmaking, sewing and jewelry making, to name a few.  I can safely say making nature art has become my favorite.  There is something about taking the natural beauty of the earth and turning it into a piece of artwork that is very charming to me.

My first inspiration to create works of art in nature came from the land artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Over the years I created and helped create many large outdoor nature artworks.  Only more recently have I started experimenting on a smaller scale.  The results have been delightful.  In my search for “art supplies” around my neighborhood, local parks, and friend’s gardens, I have seen so many varieties of plants I never noticed before.  Through this art form I developed a deeper connection and appreciation for the natural world surrounding me.  I hope to inspire others to pay a little closer attention to the life springing forth all around them, and, to every now and then, reach down and make a little art with it.