2022 Calendar


The Botanical Alchemists

Sarah Smiles Creations

2022 Calendar

One day Sarah met Ava and before long they were making magic together. They create to honor Mother Earth and to nurture the human spirit. As The Botanical Alchemists, they create a variety of nature artworks from the tiny to as big as their minds can imagine. In this calendar you will find images by Sarah, creations by Ava, and artworks where they collaborated. Discover a thoughtful quote included with each new month and a description of each image on the last page.

Artists: Sarah Edwards & Ava Barany

Cover image inspired by the art of the talented Suzie Killick.



The Botanical Alchemists – Sarah Smiles Creations 2022 Calendar measures 11″x17.” Each month reveals a new 10″x10″ image. Spiral bound at the top. Ships in 1-3 days. Shipping time typically 2-3 days in US.


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